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So I don't have RAD. I, however, do have full version of websphere experience factory. When I install it, it asks for me to point to an installation of eclipse. Everything installs correctly, and I can create and deploy a portlet onto our was installation. My question is deployment and testing is easier in Windows because it comes with a full installation of eclipse and WAS. You can quickly deploy an application with testing from your local desktop. Is there a similar installation/configuration for Linux? I tried to see if I could download an "SDK WAS" version for linux, and there was none. From what I have been able to cull, WASCE is not WAS. Any pointers would help.


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    Re: Linux w/ WAS?


    In WEF 8, we included the installation image for WASCE for linux.  Look in the config folder for wasce_setup-unix.bin.

    If you're using an earlier version of WEF, you can obtain WASCE from here:  WEF has only been tested on WASCE version 2.1.1.x.  The current available version is a 3.x version, so when you get to the downloads page, there is a small link at the bottom of the page to the download archive section.  There, you can find the older 2.1.1.x releases of WASCE.

    Once you have installed WASCE, you can create a new publish configuration to point to your WASCE installation location.  Everything should work just the same as it does on Windows.

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