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‏2014-01-28T22:25:53Z |

I'm using DCAS in a Web Express Logon environment.  I get the following error for which I cannot find a reference.  I did a Google search without a hit, I looked in the HOD v11 documentation without a hit.  These return codes are not included in the HATS documentation.

I'm under a gun, can someone provide the documentation for this error?

ERROR DCASE043 DCAS return codes 253-11-0-0. DCAS server received invalid input. 

  • tmparker
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    Re: DCAS Error message


    George, from the error message it says the DCAS server received invalid input.  That would not be a message generated from HATS or HOD.  Did you look at the DCAS server logs to see what happened when this failed?  I don't think we would be controlling this.  We know DCAS works since many customers use it.  If this is your custom plugin then it appears something is not being generated correctly in your code or else there is some issue on the server side.

  • george.baker
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    Re: DCAS Error message


    The message is generated by the HOD code based upon a return code from DCAS.  Most of the DCASExxx codes are documented in the HOD code, but not this one, and it should be.  I suspect that the 253-11-0-0 codes would tell me exactly what DCAS did not like.

    This error had nothing to do with my custom plug-in or the configuration of the DCAS plug-in.  

    However, I did look at the DCAS log and found the problem.  DCAS was using the default SERVERTYPE of CLIENTAUTH.  After adding a SERVERTYPE ALLTYPES everything began to work.