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Pinned topic Syndicated content not appearing for author until much later

‏2019-05-09T15:18:50Z | syndication

We upgraded last year from portal 8.0 to 8.5 (we were late in learning about end-of-support). One peculiar thing that has happened since the upgrade is that the author of content, whether the content is new or revised, is always the last to see the new/updated content in Production. The content syndicates properly and all other users can see it in minutes (if not seconds), as has always been the case. But the author, no matter who it is, must wait for a while (sometimes up to a couple of hours) before he/she can see it. This has only been happening since the upgrade to 8.5.

Ordinarily this is not much more than an annoyance. But I've been trying to do some testing in our Development (test) environment and the same quirk is present there. I have to wait, wait, wait before I can see what effect my changes have had. 

Has anyone else experienced this peculiarity? If so, what causes it?


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    Re: Syndicated content not appearing for author until much later


    do you have any of the caching turned on dev