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Pinned topic Trusted Signon with SAML Token & JCE Policy

‏2013-10-23T11:54:25Z | cjap jce saml


I am trying to create a Custom Java Authentication Provider (CJAP) which is trying to read the SAML tokens (Version 1.1) passed from the source application (Trusted) to Cognos Application (Version 10.2.1 FP 1) (Application Server : Tomcat).

Also since the SAML tokens are passed in encrypted format we need to decrypt it using the JCE Policy

These policies needs to be placed in the in <c10_location>/bin64/jre/lib/security , However when I put these policy in the mentioned location the cognos service does not starts and when the cognos policy is present it does not decrypts the token and gives the error of invalid token,

Is there any way, where we can integrate cognos policy & jce policy which we are using or perhaps is there any way in which we can integrate SAML with Cognos.?


Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.



Ravi Ahuja.