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Pinned topic GPFS version 3.5.0-9 and NFSv4

‏2013-04-22T20:54:21Z | nfsv4

In the FAQ it states that NFSv4 is supported on RHEL6x  Then it states that it is not supported on cNFS.

How is NFSv4 supported but not using cNFS?

is supported but cannot use cNFS at this time

Are the v4 clients mounting the servers IP's directly?


Are you supposed to just bypass the cNFS IP address?


It looks like there are NFSv4 pieces in the ha portion of cNFS is this for future versions?

some work has been done

When will v4 be supported on GPFS?

no dates

Is there any support for nfs-ganesha?

no plans

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