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‏2018-04-17T22:11:57Z |

Is there an announced end date for the open beta period?

  • bayliss
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    Re: Open beta test dates


    Hi Melvin,
    We do not announce an end date for the open beta period. The open beta is regularly refreshed and made available via the  IBM Mainframe DEV z/OS Connect EE site.
    The z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition open beta has a fixed expiration date to allow 90 days usage from the build date. After the expiration date is passed, any requests sent to z/OS Connect EE open beta will receive a response code 500 and an error message that the open beta has expired. 

    If you want to continue to use the z/OS Connect EE open beta after the expiration date, you must download a new release of z/OS Connect EE open beta. You do not need to make any changes to your configuration files, or API, API requesters or services etc, because these are stored in a separate USS directory structure identified by the  WLP_USER_DIR environment variable.


    UPDATE: Each time the open beta is refreshed, the refresh is announced in a blog, which now includes the actual expiry date for that specific open beta refresh. The blogs can be found in the z/OS Connect category of the IBM Mainframe development center: https://developer.ibm.com/mainframe/category/zos-connect/.


    Regards, Sue



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