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Pinned topic Updated: Archiving your Quickr places or Connections communities

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Marten Vosmer          
first posted this on March 27, 2013

Updated in September, 2013


Suppose your company uses IBM Lotus Quickr (or IBM Connections) for a house building project with an external relation. All the project files are stored into Quickr places.

At the end of the project your client wishes to receive the files stored in the Quickr places. 

You need a way to extract the files from Quickr because you can not send Quickr place NSF files to your client.

With Lialis WebDAV this is easy.

To show you how this solution works, we've installed Lialis WebDAV onto one of our own cloud servers… so you can use it with the IBM Greenhouse environment. This service for free and you don't have to sign up to anything or create an account. (You just need a free IBM Greenhouse account if you don't have one, create one here)

Please read on how to set it up.


Install Bitkinex on your computer

Start Bitkinex, cancel the wizard and make sure you set the proxy correct.

Then right click on HTTP/WebDAV and choose new HTTP/WebDAV


Enter a name, for example Greenhouse

Continue setting this connection up like this


Then double click on 

The Bitkinex will show the Greenhouse Quickr places you have access to and the files inside.

You may now choose to copy all the files with directory structure to your computer by pressing the green arrow in the middle.

You can do the same for Greenhouse Connections, simply change the URL to like this and save. You might need to restart Bitkinex for this to work properly.


If you don't want to go to the hassle of installing Lialis WebDAV on a server on-premises than please sign up for Lialis WebDAV Cloud. Lialis WebDAV Cloud allows your users to securely access and modify IBM Lotus Quickr and IBM Connections attachments from their PC, iPads, iPhones, Androids or other mobile devices… without having to install any new software on your own servers. 


Product information: Lialis website