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Pinned topic Default Copy PO Line Dialog behavior

‏2013-08-19T16:43:16Z |

I need....Isn't that the way it always starts?

In MAM, I need to change the default behavior of the Copy PO Line Dialog in the Invoice Application (and other places as well).  When a user chooses to copy PO lines, a dialog opens with radiobutton options to "View all lines" , or "View all lines that are not invoiced".  I have played with all of the control-registry values until my forehead looks like the wall I've been beating my head against. 


Thanks in advance....Brian

Here is what the dialog looks like in xml (selectrecords_radio_1 and selectrecords_radio_2)


    <dialog beanclass="psdi.webclient.beans.invoice.CopyPOLineBean" id="copypoline" label="Copy PO Lines" parentdatasrc="invlines_invoicelines" width="1200">
        <section beanclass="psdi.webclient.beans.invoice.CopyPOLineBean" border="true" id="selectrecords_showall" parentdatasrc="MAINRECORD" relationship="CPYPOLINE">
            <radiobuttongroup dataattribute="viewuninv" hidelabel="true" id="selectrecords_radio" label="." synchronous="true">
                <radiobutton id="selectrecords_radio_1" label="View all lines that are not invoiced" value="uninv"/>
                <radiobutton id="selectrecords_radio_2" label="View all lines" value="all"/>
        <tabgroup id="copypoline_copy