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Pinned topic TS2260 H6S not formatting LTFS LTO-5 in Windows 7 x64

‏2014-01-21T19:04:27Z | 7 format ltfs ts2260 windows

Hi, I hope someone can Help me; I'm new to the LTO world, i recently purchased a TS2260 HS6 drive and a IBM 6gb SAS HBA PCI card to connect it to my HP z800 workstation. 

I was really excited about the posibilities that LTFS offered. I installed the software, Windows recognizes both the pci card an the tape drive, LTFS configurator loads the drive and assigns it a letter correctly, I insert an LTO5 tape and the the icon for not formatted media appears. So I right click the icon an press format. Then nothing happens, no error message, nothing . It doesn't format the media, so i can't use it. I can't eject the drive from the computer either.

I'm completly stuck here and need Help, desperatly. 

Thank's in advance.