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‏2014-02-18T20:40:16Z | storwize svc v7000

Quick question about the spare setup.  I am reading doc on how to create the arrays in order to present the disks to SVC.  There is a setup where it is advised but not necessarily needed to assign 1 spare per enclosure.  If i setup a spare per enclosure and then create the arrays, upon failure of a drive, the v7000 would automatically fail onto one of those spare right?  Even though they were created independently from the array process?

i was thinking of doing a 7+1, 7+1, 6+1, spare per enclosure.


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    Re: v7000 spare setup


    The hotspares in a V7000 are "global". So one spare can cover multiple enclosures.



    There are 2 SAS chains on the storwize - 5 enclosures max per chain. Each SAS chain have its own hot spare drives. So you need to Watch out if you have enclosures on both chains.



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