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Pinned topic Service ID not found

‏2019-07-30T06:34:24Z | bpm ibm id lsw service tables troubleshooting

Hi All,

I am getting the below error in server logs and I'm unable to find a resolution for the same.

Service TWProcess.dabcb46b-1780-4393-a7f2-76b91cbb9ac0 is not found.

Any idea how do I find this service in my process either by looking up in LSW tables or by BPM Rest API tester.





  • AndrewPaier
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    Re: Service ID not found


    (Note - all of the response below is me just guessing....)

    This feels like what I would call a "Reference Error" and what IBM BPM categorizes as a "Validation Error".  Somewhere in your code there was a link to a service with that GUID.  The service was deleted, breaking the link.  When that code path is hit, it causes the above entry in the log.  If the problem is in your PA, then you should be able to see validation errors in the Process Designer.  Here is what it looks like when I create an error of this type in a sample process - 



    The issue may be that the actual validation error can be in a toolkit, and I don't think those errors propagate up in the Process Designer, so you would have to open each TK to find it if you don't see it in the PA.

    If you really want to find it, you can download the TWX file, unzip it.  Unzip all the TK zips in the TK folder, and then grep the files for the 'dabcb46b-1780-4393-a7f2-76b91cbb9ac0' string and then figure out where the reference is and correct it. 


    -Andrew Paier