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Pinned topic More that one orchestration per TIP

‏2013-04-17T12:31:03Z | mq orchestration salesforce tip

Hi There

My question is basically simple. Can i support more than one orchestration in my TIP?

Consider various related used cases, i.e reading MQ and updating SFDC for 3 objects types.

I would like to deploy a project with orchestration for all objects in scope, consider three objects so I would like 3 orchestrations.


Any sugggestion on how I would do this having 3 orchestrations in same project?



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    Re: More that one orchestration per TIP


    Hi Ed,


    If you're referring to having 3 orchestrations for different use cases in a project, I don't see it as  a problem. But if you're referring to TIPS, not too sure about what you're trying to clarifying.