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Pinned topic Prebuilt IA rules for Operational Quality monitoring

‏2014-01-10T14:12:03Z | information-quality information_analyzer operational-quality

A new developerWorks article, Applying IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer rules for Operational Quality Measurements, is now available at the link below.

The article shows how to leverage IA rules to evaluate results in the Information Server Operations Console database.  This extends monitoring from the current dynamic view in the Operations Console itself into the historical view so that you can look for trends and outliers in your DataStage/QualityStage processes. 

The article includes 3 variant sets of pre-built IA rules (20 rules per set) all of which include the fully bound executable rules so that where the Operations Console DB exists the rules can be run out-of-the-box.  The pre-built rules can be used as-is, or serve as models or examples for your own rules.

The article also highlights additional Information Governance dimensions for Operational Quality focusing on Service Level Agreements, and the rules can be brought into the Information Server Governance Dashboard as well (that step not described in the current article).