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We are using GPFS 3.5.0-12 on a cluster that contain both Linux (Centos 6) and Windows (HPC 2008 R2) nodes. Although the document mention that Windows DACL are converted internally to SACL, it appears that in practice, there are differences between ACL created from a Windows node and ACL created from a Linux node.

Our current problem is that any nfs4 ACL added to a file from Linux node is not seen on a Windows node. If we use mmdelacl then mmputacl any combination of nfs4 ACL, no ACL is listed on the Windows side.

The opposite is different. If we set some ACL from a Windows node, they will appear as nfs4 ACL on a Linux node, with a combinaison of any of the following flags :


Is there any way to set Windows DACL on GPFS from within a Linux node ? Is there any way to set the DACL flags from a Linux node ?

I thank you for your time,

Benoît Morin



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    After setting the nfsv4 ACL from Linux node, what does mmgetacl on Windows node show?  The output of mmgetacl should be consistent across the nodes. The output from cacls or equivalent however may be different since Windows may reorder or coalesce ACL entries.

    Regarding the DACL inheritance flags, they can only be set from Windows nodes. There is no command to modify them from a Linux node.