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Pinned topic IBM V7000 battery error_sequence_number

‏2019-09-05T08:08:46Z |

I have a battery in a V7000 that has been changing the error_sequence_number when running lsenclosurebattery -battery 1 1


First the data was 120, then it changed to 107, and now it is 141. I have been experimenting a bit with it just to figure out how this works, I have a few batteries that are dead, but I would like to know what makes them dead.


I cannot find anywhere on google where you can see what these numbers mean. The only description I can find is this:

error_sequence_number Indicates the error log number of the highest priority error for this object. This is typically blank; however, if there is a problem (for example, the status has degraded), then it contains the sequence number of that error.


I'd say there has to be a place where you can see what the data here actually means, does anyone know?

  • fincherjc
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    Re: IBM V7000 battery error_sequence_number


    Hello Jelle99,

    The error sequence number field provides the sequence number of the event in the error log. Presumably you would be able to see what is happening using the following CLI svcinfo lseventlog 141


    Please let us know what you find when you check this.