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‏2014-05-14T16:50:50Z |

I'm on HATS 9.0 (under RSA 9.0), and having issues with the Reset and Restart buttons on the keypad. Basically, ... they don't work at all. Other buttons appear to work fine. Browsers include IE 11 and Firefox 28. Chrome also does not work (but is not expected to either since its officially unsupported). I've tried debugging in Firebug, but to no avail. It happens in a vanilla default rendering (Industry template) against a client 5250 app. 

Ideas? Is this is known issue?

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    Re: HATS:ApplicationKeypad issues


    Hi Kenny,

    I'm not quite clear as to what is not working for you.  There are 2 reset buttons that are available, one is on the Application Keypad and the other is on the Host Keypad.  I just tested both on my system; however, I'm running RAD 9 and  Firefox 24.5.0 since that is what I have installed.  The behavior is working for both reset keys and the restart button.  Just to make sure we are clear, the Application Keypad reset button simply resets the HATS form, meaning it just clears any input that was done.  The Host Keypad reset button actually sends a [reset] aid key to the host.  As for the restart button, when I click the disconnect button on the Application Keypad I can then hit the restart button and the HATS app reloads again with no problems.

    Am I understanding your issue correctly or is there something more to this?