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Pinned topic Group discussion: How much time do you spend social networking each week?

‏2010-03-23T22:48:57Z |
My curiosity was ignited by this blog post from Frances about how much time people are spending these days on social networking.

How much time do you special social networking on My developerWorks each week?

And how much time do you spend social networking on other web sites each week?
Is it more time than last year?
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  • John_Schilt
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    Re: Group discussion: How much time do you spend social networking each week?

    Good question, and probably difficult to answer...
    On the one hand, we have very little time in our day - and each of us has a different way of dealing with this issue.  At times we become anal and even become 'not nice' people as we just want to put our heads down and get our jobs done.  That's the status quo.
    However, times are changing.  People are starting to communicate differently and respond to different types of communication.    Social networks have given our society a totally different medium - instead of communicating with a small / close group of friends / colleagues, we can now reach an unlimited number of people through a large number of  new networks... (that would not have existed 5, 3 or even 2 years ago).
    But, there is a danger and a risk of these social networks (as they can become addictive).....

    How much time is appropriate ?, and (for some people)   Why would we spend time at all ? 

    I think the secret lies in our job descriptions... ie, our current job descriptions ask us to perform certain tasks, achieve certain objectives, and we typically think of achieving these with 'old' tools...I'm a young person, but started with IBM in the mid 80's, so think of Script, VM, Profs, EHONE, etc...
    If we expand our job descriptions to include a component of social networking in our objectives, to leverage not just resources that are available in our own locations, or even our own companies... all of a sudden, leveraging social networks is a must.

    In fact,  very soon I think, social networking will be embedded in our culture - and not only in IBM, but all aspects of our lives and society will become reliant to some form of social networking.
    To answer the questions posed in this post ?

    How much time ?  on My dWorks each week ?  Probably between 30m and 2 hours...  Other networks ?  less time (very little)
    Yes, it is more than last year...  And I expect in the future, it will increase...
  • AntjeBerheide
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    Re: Group discussion: How much time do you spend social networking each week?


    Hi Valerie,

    as probably most people, I use social networking when I see personal value of using it (compared to traditional options like e.g. email or telephone), not just because everybody does. I agree with John that it is not easy to express the usage of social networking in hours and minutes. I find it more interesting to understand the strengths and weeknesses of each tool (like e.g. Twitter) and to use it in the best possible way, e.g. avoid large email attachments and use online file sharing instead.

    For example, I use blogging in combination with newsletter - like you do with your dW community snapshot - to keep the newsletter small and clear and conduct traffic to the detailed information in the weblog. In my free time, I have been using free wikis to organize an event together with friends and to set up a private community. This saves a lot of email traffic and keeps everybody up to date.

  • SumaChakrabarti
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    Re: Group discussion: How much time do you spend social networking each week?

    I spend around 4 - 8 hrs every week [Sataurdays and Sundays are currently part of my week and not week ends :) ] on social networking depending on the free time that I get - be it twitter, My dW or FB, out of which maximum time given to My dW to read up the blogs and connect with people.
    With my current work load, I would say I am spending lesser time in social n.wing compared to last year.. but I do hope things will change and I will be back to my potential soon :P