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‏2014-04-28T18:46:27Z |

I've been asked to determine who changed a particular manual group membership.  Since joining and exiting manual groups are hidden actions, I'm attempting to find a way to report on it.

Selecting the button to 'Show Hidden Content' in the console doesn't seem to do the trick.

Web Reports appears to ignore hidden actions as well.

Session relevance lets me know that the hidden actions exist, however I haven't had any luck getting details of who issued a particular group change.

detailed statuses of results of hidden bes actions whose (name of it is "__Group_0_<name of manual group>")  - This doesn't fail, but has no results.

links (name of it & ", " & id of it as string) of hidden bes actions whose (name of it as string contains "<name of manual group>")  - This gets a list of links to the hidden actions.  However, when I try to follow the links in web reports, they all come back as empty.