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Pinned topic Cloud Computing Use Cases V4 – Discussion on SLAs

‏2010-02-18T17:54:17Z |
 On Feb. 12th, we started a thread for topics to become the basis for V4 of the Cloud Computing Use Cases White Paper ( ), which included:

1) Service Level Agreements
2) Scheduling and Provisioning
3) Asset Management
4) Compliance
5) Moving to the Cloud

We have had some great feedback already, but want to delve into each of the proposed topics to better understand the needs of the ecommunity. We will be starting separate threads for each of the above and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is the first post:

In order to understand the interest for SLAs, take a look at potential sub-topics for SLAs and let us know what is missing and which ones are most important to you:

* SLAs have to be a legally-binding statement of the user's requirements for security, availability, etc.
* Many SLAs (all of them?) should be written in a machine-readable format.
* SLAs are tied to metrics. Some of those things are easy to measure (response time, % availability), while others aren't.
* SLAs will influence (if not define) cloud management. A machine-readable SLA associated with a VM could tell a cloud vendor where that
VM can be hosted, for example.
* What about Service Level Objectives? Does anyone have experience with those?

What are your thoughts and experiences on existing standards? Are there existing standards for metrics?

What other aspects of SLAs are worthy of a whitepaper? As we had with Security and SLAs in Version 3, there's a fair amount of overlap with other potential topics. SLAs are obviously tied to security, but they're also tied to provisioning, scheduling, systems management and other areas. And anyone moving to the cloud should understand how important SLAs are and how they work.

In order to consolidate everyone's comments, can you please post to the Use Cases discussion group at

Look forward to your comments.