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‏2013-06-21T14:07:46Z | 10.2.1 cognos tm1


It seems that Cognos TM1 Interoperability pack is not available for cognos 10.2.1 yet, I can only find the package connector. 

I have tried to install the 10.2 package into the dispatcher and gateway but the issetup does not allow me to do this .


Does anyone got any information regarding an updated package?



Petter Huseby



  • AF-Mika
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    Re: Cognos TM1 Interoperability



    It is true that "TM1 10.1.1 Inteoperative for CognosBI 10.2.1" is not yet available. However, if you just want to use C10.2.1 BI portal for TM1 authentication (Cognos CAM integrated SSO login), publish TM1 applications to BI portal "My TM1 ApplicationS" folder and use TM1 cubes as reporting datasource in BI Studios then it works even without official TM1 Inteoperative for C10.2.1 component. 

    All you have to do is to manually copy (or create them if you dont have existing "TM1InteOperative+CognosBI10.2.0" environment) few files from an older version of TM1+CgnosBI integration:

    - Create or copy ibm\cognos\c1021\templates\ps\portal\variables_TM1.xml file (set the usual TM1 web URLs to refer TM10.1.1 server)
    - Create or copy ibm\cognos\c1021\templates\ps\portal\variables_plan.xml file (copied from the old BI 10.2.0 portal)
    - Create of copy ibm\cognos\c1021\webcontent\planning.html file (set var planningServices = ["http://myServerTm1:9510"])
    - Copy ibm\cognos\c1021\webcontent\ps\portal\images\icon_active_application.gif file from C10.2.0 BI portal (not required, just an icon for TM1 applications)
    - Install 64bit TM1 10.1.1FP1 client component on CognosBI server as usual (TM1 client installation software and TM1 API libraries component. Assuming you have 64bit C10.2.1 and TM1) 
    - Configure TM1 applications (tm1s.cfg) to use CAM IntegratedSecurityMode=5 authentication. Use C10.2.1 BI gateway address.

    After these steps "TM1 10.1.1 FP1 + CognosBI 10.2.1" were happy to talk to each other. Dashboard portlets don't work if TM1 Java packages are not copied to BI Tomcat server. Didn't try to do it because in our environment we didn't need it, but it might work if you just copy right files.

    I had to do it this way because C10.2.1 TM1Inteoperative is not yet available. Works great.