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‏2013-08-28T16:19:19Z | designer optim

Hi guys, i'm a newbie and I would like o learn about this tool, so I try to download this software as a trial following this steps ( but I don't now where can download data arquitect and optim designer, so could you help me?


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    Re: Install Optim Designer



    To the best of my knowledge, there is no trial version of Optim Designer available.  That leaves you with 2 options (I believe): 

    1. Take a class offered by IBM (

    2a (if you're a customer): Talk to your IBM reps about getting a Proof of Technology so you can get hands on with the solution

    2b (if you're a business partner with one of the software options): You should be able to access the Optim solutions through Software Access Catalog "Eligible Business Partners can download IBM Software for purposes of demonstration, evaluation, development, testing, training and internal run your business use. "


    Hope that helps!