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Pinned topic Data Room Reviews UK: A Comparison about Virtual Deal Rooms in the United Kingdom

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Data Room Reviews UK operates as a comparison website that offers detailed reviews of various VDRs (Virtual Deal Rooms). For those who don't know, the VDRs are online platforms that allow businesses to upload their documents. Documents uploaded on the VDRs are subsequently protected by different security features enabling prevention of unauthorized access.

The biggest plus of Virtual Data Room Reviews UK is its simple layout. The website's homepage features content that would educate you about VDRs. This means, even if you don't know how a VDR can help your company, visiting the site would allow you to learn about it. Right at the top of the homepage, you will get to read a comprehensive definition of VDR. There's a detailed description of different types of information virtual data rooms tend to protect. This is followed by examples that successfully explain what might happen to you if your data is not duly protected. One example used by the site owner is that of Petya, a ransomware. Hackers use this malware for encrypting files stored in the victim's computer. Then, they demand a certain amount as a ransom for getting all those files decrypted. The homepage of Data Room Reviews UK would also inform you about various problems you might be subjected to if you store sensitive information in hard disks and physical rooms.

The next thing you will get to learn is who uses virtual data rooms most frequently. This kind of service is mostly used by businesses involved in acquisitions and mergers, investment banks, pharmaceutical firms, and legal firms. VDRs play a major role in the operations of these businesses as they require a significant amount of sensitive information to be exchanged and also involve lots of secret client interactions and transactions.

This is followed by a detailed guide that would inform you about all the top VRS providers operating currently. Some of the names in that list are iDeals, Intralinks, Firmex, RR Donnelley, Merrill Datasite, SecureDocs, Ansarada, Brainloop, etc. Every vendor review published on the site includes an informative description of the kind of experience the user would have when using the VDR. You will get to know how user-friendly the mobile app is and also learn about the quality of the service's document upload system, auto indexing technology to be used for indexing the folders and files, and various security features like personalised watermarks and blocking of IP address.

It's true that Data Room Reviews UK has given all the vendors featured on their website positive reviews. However, they have selected Firmex as the topper. That's because their assessment has revealed that Firmex offers its services at affordable prices and also has a series of advanced features for keeping user-information protected; these include personalised watermarks for identifying the points of data breach and a specialised permission management feature playing the role of security protocol.

The final section of the page includes a guide explaining the features one should look for when picking a virtual deal room provider. According to the site owner, the first thing a user should look for during the selection procedure is the kind of security features the VDR provider is offering. That's because the Internet is filled with unscrupulous individuals who know the real value of sensitive information. Some of these people never lose the chance of stealing such information and earning big money by selling them to highest bidders. Others look to blackmail businesses by sending requests for money and warning them that they would disclose sensitive data if the requested amount is not credited to their account.

For those who are wondering what's wrong with using cloud storage, Data Room Reviews UK has a clear explanation. According to the site, cloud storage services like iCloud, Google Docs, Samsung, and Dropbox come with their own inherent flaws. Their security features are not strong enough for protecting the sensitive information of businesses from unauthorized people. That's the main reason why the virtual deal rooms still don't have any real rival on the market.

The comparison site reveals that virtual data room vendors are not only meant for providing businesses with comprehensive storage facility. They also often serve as platforms via which business collaborations and transactions take place. So, when selecting a vendor, you must also check how powerful this feature of the service is. Other things you must check include language features, price, and quality of customer support.

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