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Pinned topic Current Object keeps moving to the TOP of window

‏2014-04-22T20:48:50Z |


I have dealt with this before however I can't remember for the life in me how I resolved the issue.

For some reason everytime I select an object by simply clicking on a new object, the object is moved to the top of the window instead of staying exactly where it was prior to clicking on that object.

I believe I had a dxl line to fix the problem. Does anyone know what I am talking about and can help me resolve this problem^ 




  • llandale
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    Re: Current Object keeps moving to the TOP of window

    • scroll up(mod)
    • scroll down(mod)

    But if the object is very tall, one scroll may knock it out of the view.  Seems to me I had luck with this sequence:

    • scroll up(mod)
    • scroll down(mod)
    • scroll down(mod)
    • scroll up(mod)

    Or was it versa-visa?