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We have a test environment and a production environment.  We are trying to migrate our changes from our test to our production environment without losing any data. 

Previously IBM Optim Development Studio was used.  (version  In the Data Source Explorer window, we would open the source Database connection, open the Schemas, click on the schema we were working with.  Then we would go to the destination Database connection, open the schema, and ctrl-click on the Schema so both schemas were selected.  Then right click to do a Compare with -> Each Other.  From the Property compare, we would click on the "Compare from Left to Right" (or "Compare from Right to Left" - whichever was appropriate in that circumstance).   Then the "Generate Right Delta DDL" button would become active.  This would create a DDL script to be reviewed and then run to do the migration.

As Data Studio is replacing Optim, we have started using that tool instead (version 4.1).  We follow all the same steps to generate the DDL.

The problem is we get different DDL from Optim and Data Studio.  In Optim, if there is a change to a table, it will rename the table, create the table, then insert the data from the renamed table to the newly created table and thus we don't lose any data which is what we want.  In Data Studio, it just drops the table and creates the new one - it does not save the data which is not good in a production environment.

Data Studio is supposed to replace Optim.  We've looked through all the options we can find but we cannot find any settings so that the generated DDL will try to save the date (rename/create/insert rather than drop/create and lose data). 

Does anyone know how to get Data Studio to behave like Optim and save the data as it does the migration?

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    Thanks for report the issue,we will look at this.