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Pinned topic Restrict dynamic view storage deletion

‏2013-09-24T15:19:11Z | storage view

Hi There,

we support Base Clearcase project . we generally create dynamic views with umask 002 and view data stores in a filer location as shown below in Unix and import to windows.


[server:swatchn} $ ct mkview -tag testperm3_latest -stgloc -auto Selected Server Storage Location "viewstg2".

Created view.

Host-local path: server2:/filer1/views2/stg/swatchn/testperm3_latest.vws

Global path: /filer1/views2/stg/swatchn/testperm3_latest.vws

It has the following rights:

User : dua60 : rwx

Group: groupcc : rwx

Other: : r-x


couple of days back one of users deleted(cd to /filer1/views2/stg/swatchn, rm -rf *) all the view storage data. example files under " testperm3_latest.vws". because of this other users lost thier viewprivate files and checkouts done from thier respective views.  we have clearcase primary group called "groupcc"  for which all clearcase user get added.


Now i want to restrict users to delete others views. Could you guide me  ASAP? the project is running under risk.