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‏2019-02-04T15:27:06Z | setmqinst

I am new to IBM MQ. I just installed my first MQ server on AIX 7. The IBM installation guide for AIX states that after the install is complete that the next step to consider is:

If you have chosen this installation to be the primary installation on the system, you must now set it as the primary installation. Enter the following command at the command prompt:

I have two questions

1. I am not 100% sure what setting the primary server actually does. Can someone enlighten me. So I guess you can have for example MQ.v.8 and MQ.v7 installed on one AIX server. Does setting the MQ.8 one as primary mean that any commands you enter without paths will be for the primary server. If I only have one server is setting it as the primary of any benefit?

2. When I entered this command as root to set the primary server:   "/usr/mqm/bin/setmqinst -i -p /usr/mqm",  I saw this output:
         89 of 89 tasks have been completed successfully.  'Installation1' (/usr/mqm) set as the primary installation.

     what are the 89 tasks that took place?


  • EnioMarques
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    Re: MQ setting primary server setmqinst


    1) Setting it as primary will basically just create the command links from /usr/bin to the MQ installation directory. As you said, it's important for multi version installations (v7.5+, as v7.0 doesn't oficially support multi version installations), but it's also handy for single installs, so you can use the MQ commands without setting env variables or using the setmqenv command.


    2) This is probably the number of links created.