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‏2014-01-03T18:26:05Z |


I am using the Installation Toolkit for PowerLinux on my infrastructure which access the Internet behind a proxy. Please correct me if I am wrong, but the current version of the toolkit has two drawbacks regarding such situations :

- it queries the network although it cannot be accessed, causing useless delays in the process of installation

- there is no menu to configure proxy, and it must be configured by hand after the installation of the OS

Could you add support for proxy access to internet (which is very common among customers) and could you add an option to prevent the installer to try to access the internet when it's impossible by infrastructure where it is used ?



  • lucio.correia
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    Re: Installation Toolkit : proxy support


    Hi Thibaud,

    Thanks for the feedback. It's very important for making Installation Toolkit better for our customers.

    Installation Toolkit queries network at different moments of installation (wizard, distro installation, firstboot, etc.). Could you please specify at which phase you noticed those delays?

    Regarding the proxy configuration, we will analyze the inclusion of the feature in next releases.