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‏2013-07-27T23:15:42Z | 10.1 dimensional member rank set


      How does the cognos rank function work for dimensional data source? The situation is , trying calculate the rank for a multiple groups and subgroups on a fact. For instance, if there are multiple dimensions like Country( countries,  State, city)  Product ( product line), Time period( years, months, weeks) the requirement is to calculate the rank of product for country US, state MI for a month based on the fact quantity. The syntax for rank in member set is rank( measure tuple () within set ()). SO how to find the rank for a single product line?

rank ( qty tuple(month) within set ([country], [state]).   I created a list and the order of columns in Country, State, Month, Rank. How can this be achieved?


I am not sure how rank works with member sets. Any suggestions are appreciated.



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