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Pinned topic DS8100 hdiskX the same PVID with vpath

‏2013-09-22T19:02:42Z | fix how problem this to

I type wrong  hdiskX (chdev -l hdiskX -apv=yes)   lead to below situation.  Any one know how to fix this?  Many thanks!

X:root:/# datapath query device |grep -p hdisk164
DEV#:  51  DEVICE NAME: vpath51  TYPE: 2107900         POLICY:    Optimized
SERIAL: 75W94710203
Path#      Adapter/Hard Disk          State     Mode     Select     Errors
    0         fscsi0/hdisk53           OPEN   NORMAL   99384923          0
    1        fscsi1/hdisk164           OPEN   NORMAL   99426418          0
X:root:/# lspv |grep hdisk164
hdisk164        000f9f1f970965f8                    datavg   concurrent
X:root:/# lspv |grep vpath51
vpath51         000f9f1f970965f8                    datavg   concurrent

After  observed for 2 days,  I found that no impact to the APP currently.  I did that in the middle night, BCZ I was awake to do urgent change.

"Be careful"  is the most important!!!

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