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Pinned topic Using the Websphere FTP adapter on AIX

‏2013-08-14T10:27:22Z | adapter aix ftp websphere


I'm trying to use the Websphere FTP adapter for the first time.

I've built a test map which reads a simple text file and attempts to transfer the file over SFTP to the remote server.

The map runs successfully when I build and execute it on my PC from the Design Studio and Command Server, but when I compile and run it on an AIX server, it fails with the error message "Target Not Available".

The output card section of the execution audit log says that the adapter is not found, eventhough I confirmed that the adapter is installed when running the dtxinfo command on the AIX server.

<TargetReport   card="1"   adapter="WebSphere FTP"   bytes="0"   adapterreturn="-99999">

   <Message>Adapter not found</Message>
   <Settings>-TV -is:directoryPath /home/FtpUser -is:filename file_out.txt -is:functionName Create -wtx:ispec -wtx:record -mcf:adapterID 001 -mcf:hostName -mcf:outputDirectory /home/FtpUser -mcf:portNumber 22 -mcf:protocol SFTP -mcf:userName FtpUser -mcf:password abc123</Settings>

Has anybody gotten a map using the Websphere FTP adapter to work before?  Any sort of guidance would be appreciated.



  • Bhoju
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    Re: Using the Websphere FTP adapter on AIX


    Check if adapter is there in adapters.xml in <installdir>/config

    should be like this

       <M4Adapter name="WebSphere FTP"  alias="FTP Resource Adapter" id="198" type="app"  class="com/ibm/j2ca/ftp/emd/discovery/

    and then check settings of your AIX machine.

  • Jim Divoky
    Jim Divoky
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    Re: Using the Websphere FTP adapter on AIX


    There is a Webcast entitled: Configuring WebSphere Adapter for File Transfer Protocol using WebSphere Transformation Extender..  See