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Pinned topic DS3512 vs v3700

‏2013-05-07T21:57:12Z |

I am needing another FC SAN for a small-mid AIX environment.  We already have experience with DS series SANs in some of our other locations and have gotten comfortable with the hw and admin.   The v3700 is being presented as a less expensive alternative, but not sure how much yet.

1.  Is the hw and admin similar enough to be a non-issue?  Or is admining and supporting another flavor of SAN just the ticket to confusing our folks.

2.  Any significant performance or other differences that might become apparent.  I can find nothing discussing this anywhere.

Thanks for any info.


  • chriscanto
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    Re: DS3512 vs v3700


    One benefit of choosing a V3700 system rather than another DS-series would be that once your team have become familiar with the new user interface then moving onto administering anything else in the Storwize family, e.g. V7000, IBM Flex System and SAN Volume Controller is simple because they all use the same CLI, GUI and terminology.

    Maybe it's useful to think about what your future deployments might look like when making your choice.

    This doesn't answer either of the questions you asked, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

  • Storegg
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    Re: DS3512 vs v3700


    V3700 is a bit higher performer (though at V3700 launch IBM rep said "much more capable"). Easier to manage IMO. And all that chriscanto has said.

  • AndersLorensen
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    Re: DS3512 vs v3700


    Feature wise, the V3700 is much better and more flexible today. The DS35xx have lately undergone some great improvements on the firmware side, so it can compete a little. If that continues, it might be a good contender.

    Biggest differences I see on the 2, besides price:

    Disk pooling, the DS35xx forces you to use Raid6, where the v3700 can use any raid level you like.

    V3700 supports EasyTier, whereas the DS35xx dont. Its a license on the v3700, but if you need the SSD performance, its an easy cheap way to get more performance.

    DS35xx can be upgraded alot more (8 shelfs, 24 disks per shelf=192 disks) than the v3700. (5 shelfs, 24 disks per shelf=120 disks)

    Management - The V3700 wins this easily. The DS35xx management is not bad at all, but the V3700 is just superb, almost too easy to use.