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While performing an insert using an extract file of 50GB, Optim shows : *** ERROR *** EXTRACT FILE HAS INVALID FORMAT OR HAS NOT BEEN BUILT.

Extract file has following attributes:  Space=(2500,4000), recfm=FS,DSORG=PS, DATACLASS=DCCMPPS,DSNTYPE=EXTPREF.

Control file's attributes are : Space=(2000,2500),RECFM=FS,DSORG=PS

The extract step went fine and it extracted 50GB of data. Am using legacy tables not DB2. How can i overcome this issue of extract file? I tried increasing the primary and secondary space but in vain. Please advise

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    Re: Extract file space issue


    This is storage management question.

    You did not mention the Space Units that you are using: (CYLS, TRKS, KB or MB)?

    See disk pack where your extract file is getting routed to. Generally there will be dataset high qualifier based routing. Check if you have enough free space there. If not use a different HLQ.