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‏2013-10-18T13:48:17Z | content custom navigator viewer

I need to launch an applet viewer instead of the default FileNet viewer for Content Navigator 2.0.1.  I've tried doing this with a custom viewer plugin, but it always sends the document info to the normal, tabbed viewer widget (ContentViewer.js).  How would you go about configuring a non-tabbed viewer window to open and grab the document IDs for those which were selected in the Browse pane?



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    Re: Custom applet viewer


    On the PluginViewerDef extension class defining the viewer plugin you should implement isLaunchInSeparateWindow, returning true.   That should tell Content Navigator to open the viewer in its own window.

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    Re: Custom applet viewer


    I added the following to the file, but nothing changed:


    public boolean isLaunchInSeparateWindow() {

      return true;



    Perhaps another approach would work.  Is there a way to grab ALL of the document IDs that a user is trying to Open at the same time?  In other words, if they select 20 documents in ICN, how would I get the list of all 20 document IDs to be opened?  I can pass this list to my custom viewer to handle.  Right now, the default viewer opens 20 separate instances of a single viewer, each with its own docUrl which includes the document ID.  Thanks for any advice you can offer.