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Pinned topic Review with Track Changes

‏2013-05-16T09:57:03Z |

Hi at all,

I would to ask if it's possible in Doors manage the track changes for review of a document in similar manner of Word. If not possible if exist a similar mode that permit the review of a module/document.

I could export in word a document, my boss review the document and track changesin word and I correct the document, now how could I update the module in according to the review automatically?

Thanks a lot


  • llandale
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    Re: Review with Track Changes

    ‏2013-05-16T17:50:13Z  in response to AdrianoSiano

    There is no realistic way with the GUI to manage changes in Word and re-sync them up with DOORS. 

    It can be realistic with Excel, but such changes would not include any rich text; not bolding nor any diagrams.  You would export the Object Text along with the Object Identifier; allows Excel Changes.  Save-as CSV file format, then from the DOORS module "import" the spread sheet using Object ID as the "key".  Allowing for additions can be done; not so well allowing for Deletions.

    As for "track changes" ... History provides some crude red-lined markup display, but provides no mechansim for comparing what it looks like now to what it looked like at some point in the past, except at a baseline.  The History method only works when there is exacly zero or one change; not more than one to the Text.

    The Change Proposal System provides pretty basic ability to propose, review, approve, and apply changes, but it is difficult to see exactly what a CP will do when applied.


    • HazelWoodcock
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      Re: Review with Track Changes

      ‏2013-05-17T08:55:06Z  in response to llandale

      You can use the module compare wizard.  I haven't done this for some time, but you should be able to select a baseline of the current module to compare to and you will get a layout dxl column with red line markup.  Save the view and you have something you can review.

      You can include additional attributes, but it is cleanest when just looking at Object Text.

      If you find yourself in the uncomfortable position of managers insisting on making changes in Word then again you can use Module Compare to find the difference between your module and the newly imported updates.  A DXL script can then be used to make the changes once you have verified that all the links are in the right place.  Structural changes would cause you real problems here though.

      For a more robust system DOORS can be hooked up to a number of change management tools, so you can manage changes, not just to the requirements, but across all your design artifacts from one place.  The best of these integrations is probably Rational Team Concert (take a look on for more information).  There are also integrations to other Rational change management solutions and third party change management solutions.  Full disclosure: I work for Rational :-)

      • AdrianoSiano
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        Re: Review with Track Changes

        ‏2013-05-17T12:48:14Z  in response to HazelWoodcock

        Thank you for the answer.

        In MS Word the responsable for verify of a document report in Review-->Track Change mode of MS Word the comment, modify ecc...

        In this phase the document is not in Baseline but is working, because after approve, the version is freeze and the document can be put in baseline. I can not make the version of document before the verify, after compare the document modified with previous in baseline. In baseline I put the document that are close for a version.

        I could import newly but it became more complicated the manage. 

        It's very difficult to do understand that for each aspect Doors introduce some disvantage or change the normal manner of work.

        I have understood immediately that you worked for Rational ;-)


        • ChrisHardy68
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          Re: Review with Track Changes

          ‏2013-05-29T23:20:34Z  in response to AdrianoSiano

          Hi Adriano,

          (i to work for Rational :))

          Re: Baselines in DOORS. Not sure if you are aware of this but when you create a Baseline you dont have to increase the major or minor version number, as long as the suffix is different.

          The reason I mention this is that i have seen cusomers baseline in the follow way. 

          Consider the process that a document is created and has been modified ( Current version is say 1.0)

          Its now ready for review so the document is baselined as version 1.0(Ready for review)  Note "Ready for review" is the baseline suffix

          Document is reviewed and now baselined as version 2.0

          This now separates out the changes made proir to the review from the review changes.

          The issue then is getting the changes from word back into DOORS. As Hazel describes you can only really use Module compare ( which does require that links are created to and from the versions) and a dxl script to bring the changes across e modules.

          Alternatively you could use export and import of spreadsheets - not really ideal, or if you have it use DWA and do the changes on line - again not great but another option.

          • sekrbo
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            Re: Review with Track Changes

            ‏2013-06-13T11:45:13Z  in response to ChrisHardy68


            (I used to work for Rational)

            If you are doing a review of changes in a DOORS module as compared to  a previous baseline, then you could do that in DOORS and use the compare baseline functionality and compare module (to the baseline) to get some red-lining markup. Or use some dxl to create a compare layout dxl column. Use Discussions or a comments attribute for the review and do any changes in the module. That way you'll get a complete history of changes that you wanted to do, any commets to them and further changes all in the same module. Then do a final reviewed version baseline...