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Pinned topic can not flash rsa2 adapter x365 to x3850

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Hello people
have a big problem.
've Got a RSA2 adapter from a x365.
Want this love to externally (network and power) from x365 to x3850 or x3950 flash unfortunately breaks the flash process at 99% off again.

For comparison a RSA2 adapter from x346 to x3850 flashed.
and it works fine also with external power and network.
see both of the hardware from the same.

What could it be the problem.?

Thank you licht

  • Novikov_Alexander
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    Re: can not flash rsa2 adapter x365 to x3850


    Dear Markus,

    there are different RSAII cards for servers:

    - x346 and x3850 and x3950 used RSAII SlimLine;

    - x365 used RSAII PCI adapter.

    And of course you can't use RSAII PCI card for servers x346, x3850 or x3950, and can't use RSAII SlimLine for server x365.

    Service Processors Supported in IBM Netfinity and IBM eServer xSeries Servers

    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow