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Pinned topic export to more files

‏2013-10-29T12:44:20Z |

Hello all,

Maybe you had this situation in the past and you can advise me with some hints/code.

Some modules shoulds be exported directly in xls files(one xls file for each module). Export based on the same view for all modules is not supported. The objects, comments are checked inside the script being the same criteria for all modules.

So, finally it'll be exported  the same number of xls file equal to number of modules

Do you have an ideas(code sources) about this kind of export ?

Thank you in advance,


  • etleg
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    Re: export to more files

    ‏2013-10-31T12:53:28Z  in response to Silvius

    Maybe I am not the expert on exporting files

    But I think that task is not that easy. And it's a lot of Work.

    I will try show you a road map (but I actual doubt it, if it is worth it)


    The plan :     1. Export the 1st Document to datName.tsv

    2.For the next Document you need to Analyze datName.tsv and compare it with the new values ( different attributes, different columns whatsoever).

    3. Depending on the 2nd point modify the datName.tsv and add new "object" also into datName.tsv

    4. strat with 2 for the next document

    Let's take a look at the details.


    • You have to modify \DOORS\9.5\lib\dxl\standard\export\office\commas.dxl
      • Modify that function, so you dont need a GUI( a lot of modifications)
      • Call it eg: my_tsv_export.dxl

    Point 1: If the Prework is done, just create a way how you like to call your


    Point 2 and 3 : Export the next module in tem.tsv and compare it with my_tsv_export.dxl. Now you need to close all different information with default value in both files.

                    You get now two "tsv"-files with same number of "columns". (even more work)

                    Copy them into my_tsv_export.dxl.


    If you implement it, that will allow you to export as many files as you like in the same xls.


    I think this is work for some weeks.


    So maybe there is an easier way to achieve your Task.

    But that's are my thought on your problem and as I wrote it at the beginning: It is not worth it.



    • Silvius
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      Re: export to more files

      ‏2013-11-06T21:19:56Z  in response to etleg

      Thank you for your hints.

      I'll see how to make it easier and working :).

      All the best,


      • GregM_dxler
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        Re: export to more files

        ‏2013-11-07T13:57:16Z  in response to Silvius


        I don't know if this will help.  I'll attach a script modified from one that Tony Goodman has at (Many thanks to Tony).  The basis of the script will loop through items in a project/folder etc and depending what time of item it is, will do something with it.  The script was modified to open up each formal module and output data to a csv file.  You can easily adapt that to output what you want, or to replace it with a call to an exporter function.  After the module is opened, you can add a filter to filter it for particular data.

        Hope this helps,