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Pinned topic Can I delete a replica when it's not online?

‏2013-04-30T13:56:18Z | multisite


I am back to this. Migrate VOBs from v7 to v8, v8 are all new servers. The current v7 has a master and replica, and we want to setup the same on the new v8 servers. Due to restrictions such as:

1. Can't make any changes to the existing v7, so we can't delete the replica in v7 first.

2. Can't restore another replica's backup, due to the network transportation issue.

Our plan is:

1. Restore the backup of v7 master to the new v8 master server.

2. Delete the old v7 replica information.

3. Create a new replica.

Will this work? My questions now are:

1. Can I delete the old v7 replica when it's actually not there (because we can't restore it).

2. Some objects are mastered at v7's replica. What shall I do?