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Pinned topic Create an application in biginsights with eclipse

‏2014-08-26T11:33:02Z | biginsights2.1

Hi all,

Even its a inbuilt application,I am trying to develop the code for wordcount and deploy it in biginisghts console,through jaql.

When I executed the java code it works fine and the output is generated.

When I try to execute the jaql alone.


// Block 1
// Define the search parameters 
extern TERM; 
extern OUTPUT; 
// Search term that the user enters as input.
// The full path and file name that the user enters for the output.
// Block 2
// The following statement writes the input message as a text file in HDFS.
write ([term[0]],lines(location=output[0]));

Error :

The program cannot be run as the BigInsights user admin.The operating user root must match the BigInsights user ID or be configured to run the program as BigInsights user biadmin.

To configure what are the steps to be followed??







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