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Pinned topic RPT (and Related Products) 8.5.1 Available Now

‏2013-11-20T15:44:44Z |

RPT 8.5.1 is now available as an Update for RPT 8.5.0.x through Installation Manager.  It's also available from Fix Central as a fixpack.

A list of the APARs fixed in RPT 8.5.1 is publicly available at:

For convenience, here's the APAR list below:
PM91459     RPT's Search (Ctrl-H) fails for Test Log Search
PM92978     RPT Proxy recorder unable to record HTTPS sites when the browser uses NTLMv2 authenticated proxy server
PM93649     RPT playback hangs on 16th attempt to access page requiring digital certificate
PM94414     RPT Test Editor takes a very long time to show Search match in HTTP test with large responses
PM94464     Protocol Data Viewer displays message box about ActiveX control and freezes
PM94976     RPT 8.3 fixpack 1 exit iteration on error not working correctly
PM95398     Problem specifying binary byte in Socket Receive regular expression
PM95627     Data Transformation (JsoAdapter) on Java Serialized Object throws an exception due to Invalid Content
PM95730     RTB data not available if request URL is modified by datapool substitution
PM96051     Misleading "Test Connection" link appears in RPT 8.3 and later Locations
PM96236     Unable to pick up individual percentile reports for "All Pages" and Page names not indicated in percentile reports
PM96538     RPT warns of "Conflicting requirements" for performance requirements that aren't actually conflicting
PM96650     RPT test generator not placing requests in correct transaction or page
PM96907     SAP Server Request Timeout resets to 3mins during test playback if a value larger than 30 mins is entered
PM97559     Recording of Firefox on 64-bit Windows 2003 fails
PM97678     Protocol Data Viewer doesn't display complete data while viewing long requests and responses
PM97700     Chrome browser not enabled for RPT recording on 64-bit Win 2003 even though installed
PM98978     RPT playback will unexpectedly delay a minute or more when "proxy-connection: close" appears in the response headers
PM99187     Unable to access "Properties" of a Reference Variable if it is on top of a "Field Reference"
PM99552     Plugin Test Core Plugin ( has no valid license to run

The Release Notes for RPT 8.5.1 are publicly available at:

These Release Notes include the following:

What's new in version 8.5.1
Support for GraniteDS and BlazeDS data transformation.
Support automatic correlation for XML Encoded fields in SAPWeb test generation (for SAP's ABAP Webdynpro framework).
Support for WAS 8.5.5.
Support for SAP GUI 7.3.0.
Support for the execution of compound tests from a performance schedule.
Support for generating sequential number for all the users in a test.
Support to control the automated generation of the service reports.
Support to control the length of input data to avoid scalability issues for service tests.
Known Limitations for version 8.5.1
On Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 Server Enterprise, running a Citrix schedule with Citrix Receiver 3.3 might fail at random occasions. It is recommended to use Citrix Online Plugin 12.3.
On a Turkish computer, the Previous and Next controls and the Loading hover text for web-based reports are displayed in the English language.
If you have Internet Explorer 9, clicking on the Performance Test Run Dashboard tab when a test or schedule execution is in progress or completed throws an exception.
On Windows 2008, it is recommended to use the Bitmap hash code synchronization method for a Citrix test.

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