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Pinned topic Cannot download DB2 Express-C (for Mac OS X)

‏2014-07-01T09:07:33Z |

I'm trying to download DB2 Express-C (for Mac OS X) from this URL:, but I can't, becouse of server not respond. I'm trying many times and allways failed. Did I do something wrong?

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    Re: Cannot download DB2 Express-C (for Mac OS X)


    Hi, I tried using my IBM id and pw, I was able to successfully download the image, I used HTTP download method. What step is it failing with that error?

    The error could be due to server busy or if the internet is running at a relatively lower speed.

    - Could you please try a different browser?

    - Is the network running at proper speed?

    - Have you downloaded DB2 images with the same id before, have you experienced the same issue?

    - Does it happen only for this image or any other?