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Pinned topic ClearCase Licensing vs Rational Common Licensing

‏2013-04-24T09:36:00Z |

What are the advantages/disadvantages between the two types of licesensing for ClearCase?

I am working in an environment with a License Server and a mixture of Windows and Linux machines.  We are currently running Rational Common Licensing for our ClearQuest instance and our ClearCase License (Atria) server needs to be moved, so should stay with ClearCase Licensing or move to the Rational Common Licensing server?

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  • GKellner
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    Re: ClearCase Licensing vs Rational Common Licensing


    Hi Mick,

    two points:

    - with common licensing you'll need less CC licenses.
    We figured out, commands like mount, startview ... don't need a license, so browsing read-only might be license free. Doing co ci ... will consume a license of course.
    The timeout can also be set to 30 minutes for CC licenses.
    - license monitoring
    IBM will release a new version of the license server with features regarding monitoring the usage.
    Using perl scripts and drawing pictures will the past.

    greetings georg.