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Pinned topic Mobile Device Management - Feature Release 2.3

‏2013-06-28T04:00:04Z | mobile
The IBM Mobile Device Management team is pleased to announce the release of Mobile Device Management 2.2 today. 
New Major Features:
1. Enterproid Divide Integration Enhancements - You can now fully define and provision Divide policies through IEM for Mobile with our new Divide Policy Dashboard
2. Security Compliance Dashboard - Added a centralized view to help view and manage users who violate assigned security policies. 
3. Refined UI for IBM Mobile Client for Apple iOS- Updated the iOS app to provide an easier, more streamlined view of recommended app list and messages.
Additional Changes:
  • Optimized the MDM Navigation Domain. The Domain (and the BigFix console in general) should refresh much more quickly in deployments with large numbers of actions.
  • Fixed Setup Dashboard issue that prevented configuring LDAP using LDAP group filter.
  • Fixed Setup Dashboard issue where passwords with certain special characters could not be set.
  • Fixed a Traveler Extender bug which prevented using the "Deny Email" fixlet
  • Fixed an iOS Profile Wizard bug where editing a profile would produce faulty relevance
  • Added fixlet to send message to Android devices.
  • Added a global security polices section to the Android client's security compliance screen
  • Android WifI Policies wizard now allows space in SSID
  • Fixed iOS app crash when recommending apps with non-standard version numbers
  • App Management dashboard now allows you to create Tasks instead of actions
  • Updated OS detection logic for Lotus Traveler. Should remove many "Unknown" OS entries
  • Fixed various broken links, typos and translation issues.
Required Actions:
Upgrade your MDM components. Use the MDM Health Checks dashboard to view the components that are out of date.
Published Site Version: 
Mobile Device Management, version 68
Release Notes: 
Documentation will be available on InfoCenter on 6/29/13.