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Pinned topic Urgent : Ws-Sec Actor in AAA taking high times

‏2013-04-22T08:39:55Z |

Hello All,

 I am using box/firmware XI50.  My incoming SOAP request has two security headers one marked with SOAP actor set to "NEXT" containing the digital X.509 signature and binary security token and the other Security header to contain some other information. To enabled processing of the same, we have checked the "Enforce Actor/Role for WS-Sec Message" radio button to "OFF". By default the value is ON

 As a result the entire AAA action itself is taking a high processing time close to 1500 ms. When we set the same to On, the time taken is 10-15 ms. Can you please advise if its expected behaviour and how to get the processing time to a low number as 1500ms is a very high response time.


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