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Pinned topic Using Temporary Views in ClearCase

‏2013-09-25T12:54:33Z |

Hello ClearCase folks,



I would like to share a dilemma and hear your feedback.

As part of the new version of R&D Reporter for ClearCase, we began offering "Lines of Code" (LoC) metrics and charts when comparing baselines and composite baselines (Added, Modified and removed lines; attached is an illustration).

Now we've been asked to provide LoC metrics when comparing two UCM streams (e.g. how many files and code lines have been changed between an integration stream and one of its child streams). In order to provide this, we must ask the user to provide a view context (in order to access the files inside the stream).

So far we have asked the user to provide one view only. This is not as convenient for some users**, but it's fair enough. Now we have to ask users to provide TWO view contexts, so we are considering the creation of temporary views (probably dynamics) that live as long as the application is running (after which they will be removed), instead of asking them to provide it twice.

Furthermore, as we provide a "Multiple Pending Change-sets" report that compares multiple streams (e.g. an integration stream with all of its child streams), I have the same doubt-but now it is multiplied by the number of streams…

I'm curious to know what you think about using temporary views:

  1. Do you find it convenient and safe? If so-do you prefer dynamic or snapshot view?
  2. Does your company's policy confirm creation of temporary view by a 3rd-party tool?

Thank you!


** Providing a view context may be inconvenient as the user must choose a folder from the file-system, or even create a new view. Moreover, if the user prefers to provide a snapshot view, he or she must provide the folder where the loaded files are, and sometimes this can be quite difficult to find.

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    Re: Using Temporary Views in ClearCase

    ‏2013-09-30T12:29:51Z  in response to Tgefen

    Hi Tamir,

    in general: If someone wants to analyze the content of CC streams, VOBs, baselines ... he has to create the corresponding views, whatever tool or homegrown script he is using, so creating (temporary) views shouldn't be the problem.

    I would prefer dynamic views, 'cause it's easier to start.
    Another point from my experience: Statistics are created by people who don't have the in-depth knowledge of the structure within the VOBs or a good knowledge of ClearCase. Using Snapshots could cause problems (not enough space for the snapshot, loading unnecessary content ...).

    Creating views by a 3rd-party-tool shouldn't be a problem, BUT
    I remember a jenkins plugin used by a team. This plugin created a server storage location for views in this CC region.
    1. problem: After switching the the jenkins to a new server, the build started or didn't start, nobody knew why. I figured out the fact with the storage location, and everything was fine. Cause the client, holding the storage location, wasn't online all the time.
    2. problem: All users in this region creating views, where redirected to this server storage location.

    So for automatic creation of views I would recommend a well documentation, containing all the possible ways with hints and drawbacks.

    greetings georg.

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      Re: Using Temporary Views in ClearCase

      ‏2013-10-14T09:42:15Z  in response to GKellner

      Thank you Georg!