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Recently we switched change management systems.  Our old CMS was Turnover by Softlanding.  I'd like to uninstall the Turnover plug-ins from borh RDp and RBD.  How do I go about doing that.  I see that if you do Help > Install new Software and click on the Already Installed link it shows me all the plugi-ins.  There is even an uninstall button, but for some strange reason the button is greyed out.  Any ideas on how to remove plug-ins?

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    Re: How to uninstall a plug-in



    Uninstalling a plugin sometimes varies with eclipse versions (RBD is built on Eclipse platform).


    One way to do this is : Go to menu Help > About Eclipse > Installation Details. There you can uninstall. If you installed via the marketplace you can also uninstall there.

    Hope this helps.

    Else let me know the exact RBD version.