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Pinned topic Recommended value of ComIbmSocketConnectionManager's maxSocketAge

‏2013-09-20T12:12:23Z | connection maxsocketage persistent


Has anybody tried to set the maxSocketAge of ComIbmSocketConnectionManager's to a value larger than 4 (secs) or more than 24 hrs? Or is there a value recommended for optimum performance?

Limited documentation gives me the impression that it's not recommended to play around with it's value. Largest value I saw was 60.

I need to set maxsocketAge because one of our requirements is for a HTTPRequest node to establish a persistent connection, wherein it should be able to reuse the existing open ports/connection.


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    Re: Recommended value of ComIbmSocketConnectionManager's maxSocketAge


    Look at using http/soap nodes with Http version 1.1 attribute set.

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