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I have been searching through web about disk shredding of DS8000 but could not find a satisfactory solution. Does IBM offer a tool in order to wipe all storage box ? Since I am retiring our old box I am asked to ensure that all data is deleted on the box.

I am looking for a internal solution provided by storage controller. I don't want to create volumes, map them and format them.




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    Re: DS8300 DDM shredding


    If you have the latest firmware/micro code, you get the feature called Secure Data Overwrite, that will help.


    You can find more information in the redbook -

    Search for Secure Data Overwrite and you should end up in chapter 1.4.10 at page 18 (page 40 in the PDF)


    But note:

    Tip: The secure overwrite functionality is offered as a service exclusively and is not

    intended for use by clients, IBM Business Partners, or IBM field support personnel.