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‏2013-04-23T18:39:20Z | subscriber

I am trying to setup a subscriber in the production environment to connect with the authoring environment. When I select Subscribe Now I get an empty window. No errors are thrown in the Systemout.log or any other. I do get this in th trace log:

4/23/13 14:35:26:115 CDT] 00000034 TaskManager   3   keepAlive() - task is executing.
[4/23/13 14:35:49:738 CDT] 00000052 TaskManager   3   startTask() - Starting task using work manager :$CheckSessionsTask@7d607d6
[4/23/13 14:35:49:739 CDT] 00000051 TaskManager   3   checkSessions() - Executing checkSessions task.

But that is not an error

1) The servers are at the exact same version and fixpack level.

2) I have *=info:com.aptrix.syndication.*=all set for tracing.

3) The wcmconfigservice is set to =true for Subescriber only.

4) I have one subscriber setup from a year ago, but nothing has ever changed on this server.

Any Ideas??

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    Re: WCM v7.0.17 Subscriber


    Resolved. Make sure you add the authoring portlet to the Hidden authoring page.