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Pinned topic Debug Profile setting error: 401 CICS_Default_Userid_Not_Allowed

‏2013-10-28T13:50:44Z | debug profile

I try to set debug configuration  for Remote CICS Aplicaiton in RDz. 

But I got the following error:

CICS Debug Profile Error
401 CICS_Default_Userid_Not_Allowed

Does anybody no what it means?  I put my TSO id in the user_id field. Is it correct?


I have the following value set:

CICS connection :zserveros:3040
Target CICS region :CICSAOR1
Transaction name :LAB3
User id :DDS0123
Load Module/Compile Unit: LAB3POT/*
Workstation IP:
CICS debug Profile port CICSAOR1: 13081