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Pinned topic Rhapsody Installation via command line

‏2019-05-16T13:20:21Z |


I am trying to run setup.exe via command-line.

set SOURCE_DIR="C:\Temp\installs\rhapsody821_Setup\ratlRhapsody_8.2.1_Windows_64\IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.2.1 64bit.msi"
set RHAPSODY_ROOT=C:\Rhapsody821
set LogFile="Rhapsody821InstallLogFile"


setup.exe /L 33 /V "/li %LogFile% /i "%SOURCE_DIR%" etc


But it's not working. 

What is the /L language ID for English?

Is my syntax wrong?


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    Re: Rhapsody Installation via command line


    I have finally managed to install Rhapsody using the command line, albeit using msiexec instead of setup.exe.

    I have written a Dockerfile which calls

    RUN Start-Process msiexec '/i C:\installs\Rhapsody821\IBM_Rational_Rhapsody_8.2.1_64bit.msi /quiet /L*V Rhapsody821InstallLogFile.txt INSTALLDIR=C:\Rhapsody821 RHAPSODYEDITION=Development INSTALL_ALL_IN_ONE_LOCATION=1 IS_LANG_C=1 IS_LANG_CPP=1 QNX_SDK_PATH=C:\QNX700 LAPAGREE=\"Yes\"' -Wait

    I can then enter my docker container and run -

    C:\Rhapsody821>RhapsodyCL.exe -dev_ed -lang=cpp -cmd=open "C:\Rhapsody821\Samples\CppSamples\Dishwasher\Dishwasher.rpy" -cmd=regenerate EXE Acme

    This now works if the TELELOGIC_LICENSE_FILE environment variable is set.

    Dockerfile - RUN setx TELELOGIC_LICENSE_FILE

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